Just what are your intentions?

If you’re an actor in need of a headshot, it’s generally for one of 3 reasons:  (1) your brother / best friend / self took your current shot (whoops);  (2) your last headshot is 7 years old, so casting directors look from it to you and back again, bewildered; or (3) you’ve decided to pursue some different character types.

If you’re auditioning for “just another pretty face,” then get just another pretty headshot.  Otherwise, determine what types you “fit” and want, then work with your photographer to project those types.  Don’t get me wrong. You don’t have to limit yourself to one flavor. You’re an actor, after all!  So act.  But product pitchwoman (commercial) is a different look than brooding girlfriend (legit), and CEO is a different look than murderer (usually).  So set your intention for each headshot, change your clothes and makeup to support your intention, and then do what you do best!  Here are some examples of what I mean:

Commercial headshot teenage actressTheatrical headshot teenage actress with reddish brown hair and edgy lookCommercial headshot of middle-aged actor, friendly dad typeTheatrical headshot of middle-aged actor, corporate with slight air of dangerCommercial headshot of 20s-30s Asian male with friendly, open smileTheatrical headshot of late 20s / early 30s Asian male with ominous air about himCommercial headshot of white actor in early 40s with friendly face, could play Italian or LatinoTheatrical headshot of white male in early 40s, businessman / lawyer / ad guy type
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