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No Warpaint and other Headshot Tips

Quality counts, folks. I just came upon this hilarious (and real) advice in a recent casting call post for a movie being filmed in Hudson Valley. I feel for the casting directors! I see a […]

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Law firm headshots

With good portable lighting and a quality paper backdrop, I was able to achieve remarkable consistency among the headshots of 36 attorneys at a NYC law firm. I`The shoot took approximately a day and half, […]

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One headshot, multiple crops, different uses

Think through your headshot. To convey your work environment or industry, environmental photos work best. Website? Consider look & feel — what fits with the content? Sometimes a single shot can be multi-purposed with cropping […]

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Headshot Lessons from my Youngest Clients

Happy January, you hardworking humans! This is the traditional month to assess last year’s achievements then update, rejig or completely overhaul the game plan for this year. Are you putting your best face forward? My clients use […]

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Time for a new LinkedIn profile pic?

I teamed up with LinkedIn coach & consultant Marc W. Halpert to shoot his new headshots.  Check out what he says about getting a new profile picture for LinkedIn. If you’re looking to improve your […]

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3 Reasons Why LinkedIn Deserves Your (Professional) Shot

1.  LinkedIn Coach Marc Halpert, who helps individuals optimize their LinkedIn profiles to their greatest advantage, recently shared this post from LinkedIn’s official blog.  Check out the last paragraph, which reports that a profile with a […]

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Just what are your intentions?

If you’re an actor in need of a headshot, it’s generally for one of 3 reasons:  (1) your brother / best friend / self took your current shot (whoops);  (2) your last headshot is 7 […]

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Consider the environment for your next headshot

I don’t mean you have to go hug trees or protest landfills (though I support you wholeheartedly if that IS your thing).  By “environment” I mean the immediate space around your body that shows up […]

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How to Nail Your Headshot

Line up the headshots of five people, and the differences will be apparent.  The obvious variations:  age, expression, hair and skin color, clothing.  Then there are technical considerations:  camera angles, lighting, backdrops.  But what makes […]

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