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James Rothman Headshot.jpg

When Science Marries Art

Talk about a power couple! It’s not every day that I have the honor of photographing Nobel prize winners.1  James E. Rothman was awarded the 2013 Nobel in Medicine or Physiology. I’d do more damage […]

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c33-Dave Wilson of Miss Ohio.jpg

Head(shot) & shoulders above the crowd

When you’re a musician, your headshot can be a little more creative (and the venues are slightly more entertaining than my studio). I had a good time shooting these artists: Pictured: Dave Wilson, lead singer […]

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Consider the environment for your next headshot

I don’t mean you have to go hug trees or protest landfills (though I support you wholeheartedly if that IS your thing).  By “environment” I mean the immediate space around your body that shows up […]

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c27-08-PA for a Day.jpg

Seeking Rodeo Clowns (or When a Headshot Isn’t a Head Shot)

“Headshots” sometimes aren’t even headshots, but environmental or action shots. I’ve photographed chefs, personal trainers, actors, entrepreneurs, authors, animal behaviorists and surgeons, to name a few.  Still waiting for my first rodeo clown, though. If […]

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NY’s Resolution: Have a Blast!

Yes, it’s my business, it’s my passion, it’s my livelihood, it’s an investment of time and money.  Nevertheless, in 2014, what I want to focus on is having FUN.  I left lawyering about seven years […]

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