You Choose. We Give.

We're grateful to you for making our business successful in 2018. Will you help us choose a charity or organization that you'd like to receive a portion of our profits?…

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Those Schuyler Sisters!

Last month, it was my pleasure to photograph the annual Stephen Gaynor School Gala. Broadway star Phillipa Soo performed, and it was then that I realized I've now photographed three…

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Author’s book jacket photo

This author wanted his headshot not only to represent him, but his writing:  a little dark, a little humorous.  He wasn't pleased at having the camera turned on him --…

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How to Nail Your Headshot

Line up the headshots of five people, and the differences will be apparent.  The obvious variations:  age, expression, hair and skin color, clothing.  Then there are technical considerations:  camera angles,…

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