Many businesses have team portraits, but of the ones we’ve surveyed on the internet, they don’t always hit the mark.

Why do team portraits?

The way we see it, the primary purpose of team portraits  is to humanize a company or endeavor. Putting the team in front of your clients, prospects and shareholders allows them to see the people who are doing the work. The best portraits convey a sense of distinct personalities working together toward a unified purpose.

Sound lofty? Not to your clients, it won’t.

In our photos, we also often show part of your environment, which gives you the opportunity to communicate who you are, what you stand for, and what you deliver. That’s why it’s important to think through each element of the shoot. What do you want to say about yourself and your business?

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Best location for your team portraits?

So where should you stage your team shoot? That depends. (Don’t you hate that answer?) What services or products do you provide? A real estate group might want to show the team on a property.  An advertising agency might highlight a team working on a campaign together. A family law firm might show multiple generations of attorneys, whereas  a corporate firm might show the sheer size and power of its bench. We’ve photographed formal and informal portraits from our studio to the boardroom to the NYC streets, from storefronts to corporate retreats. After all, the goal is to reflect your company and your ethos, and to help establish that your company is much more than a logo or a faceless entity.

Your employees work hard to make your business succeed. Put a spotlight on them and introduce them to the world, and vice-versa.

So are you ready to schedule your shoot? Let’s do it!


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