Cue Nancy Sinatra — these shoes are made for walking, and that’s just what we did. With over thirty years of experience in the high-end shoe market, G. Brown Shoes was preparing to launch their own new line.  I photographed the full shoe portfolio from all angles, then we hit the NYC streets (and a restaurant) for lifestyle shots for their new website, which just went live last week. G. Brown shoes somehow magically combine luxury and practicality, and it was fun to think through how to shoot and light each shot to show off the different styles and finishes (leather, suede, shoelaces, monk straps and more). Also great working with Blue Cup Design‘s Wayne Wolf, who was the creative director on the multi-day shoot. Beautiful styling by Samantha Brown, and impeccable hair/makeup by my longtime collaborator Tiagi. Tireless, hardworking model: Ryan Aiken.

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