As a NYC photographer, I love shooting actor headshots. New York has the cream of the crop when it comes to actors and actresses, and you’re part of that wonderful world. In your headshot session, I’ll focus on telegraphing your type and capturing that special something-something that only you can bring to the roles you want. As an actor, you’ve got the chops, and you work hard at your craft. Your headshot should help you land the roles you want, whether that’s on stage, in film or on TV. 

New York City, as you know all too well, is an extremely competitive market in every area, but particularly in the entertainment industry. Sifting through Backstage NYC is simultaneously overwhelming and exhilarating, isn’t it? And casting directors are constantly on the lookout for those actors who stand out, who break through the clutter. 

That’s why I refuse to take a factory approach. Your actor headshots are about promoting your brand, not mine. We’ll start by discussing your type, the kind of roles you want to get over the next twelve months, and what you think are the drawbacks or shortcomings of your current headshot, if you have one. If you don’t have one because you’re just starting out, never fear! Actor headshots are my specialty, and I’ll spend time making sure you nail yours.

Then we’ll play with lighting, angles and expressions to convey what is personal, unique and compelling about you. Because that’s exactly what the powers that be are going to be looking for.

Contact me and we’ll get going. You deserve a great headshot.  


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