At Deutsch Photography, we photograph corporate headshots, actor headshots, and team portraits, as well as environmental & publicity photos. We’re hired for a variety of purposes: websites, resumes, marketing & promotional materials, annual reports and more.

Our clients ARE our business

Our client list is extensive. We work with Fortune 500s, entrepreneurs, charities, universities, and publishing houses. And we have a long roster of actors, performers and models.

As you can see from the galleries below, we shoot inside, outside, on location and at our studio in Chelsea.  And in all cases, we practice social distancing. That’s blessedly easy to do with a camera. We have a full sanitation protocol, too.  That’s because our clients are our first concern, not to mention our livelihood. In other words, we take every precaution. See that team photo below? We photographed every individual separately, after which we pieced it all together. Oh, yeahhh. We’ve got (photoshopping) game. And at the same shoot, we also did corporate headshots for individual team members. Boom! (If you want the deets, check this out.)

Corporate headshots or environmental portraits? Performer headshot or publicity photo?

Whether you’re a business executive or an actor, headshots are all about the individual. On the other hand, environmental portraits, publicity photos and team portraits convey layers of a deeper story about the individuals and/or their organizations.

So, are you ready to discuss or schedule your shoot? All right, already! Let’s do it!  Email or call and let’s get this show going.

Browse our galleries: 

Modern and Traditional Corporate Headshots
Environmental Portraits & Publicity Photos
Corporate Team Portraits





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