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Headshot photography has been our specialty for over 15 years.

Headshot photography in NYC is a booming business. There’s no shortage in this town of executives, entrepreneurs, big businesses, small businesses, actors, performers, and models who need headshots. And the problem, of course, is that there’s also no shortage of headshot photographers. You, of all people, know how competitive our city is, right?

So finding a great headshot photographer can be a little tricky. That’s why we’re glad you landed here! We’re committed to photographing headshots that aren’t just pretty (though they are), but that also will convey what makes you special. Because you are. After all, there’s no one on the face of this earth who is you except for you. That’s what makes you exceptional. And that’s what we focus on. Our headshots will hone in on that facet of your personality, an element of your personal story, a sense of what your profession is.

Who needs headshots?

Who doesn’t need headshots?! It’s the Digital Age, folks. Sure, a few professions still exist where remaining incommunicado is advisable (spy, thief, white collar criminal — wait, is that redundant?). But for most of us, having an online presence is critical. And putting a face on that presence is one of the first ways you begin to establish a relationship with prospects and customers. They want to know not only what your business is, or your type as an actor, but who you are.

Your headshot promotes your brand — whether that’s you or your business.

We photograph corporate headshots and environmental portraits for clients ranging from solopreneurs to CEOs of conglomerates. We photograph actors and actresses and performers in search of their next role. Whether your brand is a small/medium business or a Fortune 500 company or you-as-actor-or-performer, your headshot or environmental portrait should reflect and support that brand. And that, dear reader, is critical.  Isn’t that one of the primary reasons to get a headshot in the first place? Because if you use your headshot for marketing online and offline, then it should help you build your business, your portfolio and your following.  And if you’re using your headshot to find a job or a role, then “your business” is all about landing that job by introducing yourself and your personal brand.  Here’s a little more about that in our blog.

“Headshot” can mean different things. Which type is best for you?

We highly recommend thinking this through before you hire a headshot photographer. The good photographers (hm-hmmmm: throat-clearing sound) will spend some time helping you figure this out. We have a few key questions we ask our clients to consider. Starting with, why do you want a headshot or portrait? Where will  you be using the headshot? Online? In an annual report? On a bio? For marketing materials? What are you trying to convey?  What’s your business–finance, real estate, acting, manufacturing, moving? And how will that be represented in the photograph (if it needs to be)? If you’re jobhunting, what will your potential employer be looking for? Do you need multiple shots, or a LinkedIn square? 

Eeeks! So many questions, right?! That’s why we offer a thirty-minute free consultation. You want to nail this thing, and sometimes it’s a process of discovery.

Want a straight-up traditional headshot? That’s a shoulders-and-face photograph, revealing little background.  Often the background (inside or out) is used only for its lighting opps or for consistency among photos. Good for LinkedIn, corporate rosters online or offline, sometimes for speaker panels.

Eager to inject a little more personality and story? Whether that’s about you or your business, we might recommend an environmental portrait. All that means (don’t freak out) is that in addition to the main character (you!), we also reveal some setting or plot. For instance, your office background. Another employee. A logo. Environmental portraits tend to require a little more time, though not always. They’re often on-site. That means getting into your offices, your home, your stage — or staging a background that expresses what you want (and we have experts who can do exactly that).

Or are you ready to introduce or emphasize your team? Team portraits, baby. Are you a realtor? Let’s hit the streets. Actors, you want the portrait of your entire cast, in or out of scene? Or cross-production, like we did for Obama? Finance executives? Maybe the boardroom — or outside, casually or formally, to emphasize your humanity. And we are all humans here, right? Get out, bots — you aren’t welcome.

So now what?

Once you’ve answered some of these questions (and again, we’re happy to help you for free with that), you can hone in on type and location. Here are some options for headshot, environmental portraits or comp card packages to consider. Which work best for you?

We can schedule your shoot in our Manhattan studio, your workplace, or on location in NYC’s iconic streets or parks. If you need something different–multiple headshots for your C-suite, promotional pictures for your board of directors, a specialized comp card–we’re happy to customize a session for you. Still have questions? Check out our FAQs.

Our photography studio is in NYC, but our headshot photography can be done anywhere.

Our photography studio is in Chelsea at 245 West 29th St., Studio 1200D, New York City, NY 10001. Or do you want us to come to you? We’re happy to travel throughout New York, New Jersey, Connecticut and the world at large.

Contact us to book your headshots.

We’re open 7 days a week, and our sessions are by appointment only. Please contact us to book your headshot session. Looking forward to meeting you soon!


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