Headshot and Comp Card Prices and Packages

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Actor & Executive Headshots and Model Portfolios: Pricing and Information

Basic Headshot

Deluxe Headshot

Comp Cards /
Model Portfolios

Ideal For

Corporate executives1 and performers who need a new headshot for a specific use2

Actors, Actresses, Performers, Singers, Musicians, Comedians, Writers, etc.

Models (and actors who want to show off more than their heads & shoulders)

Length of Shoot (in studio or the great outdoors)3

One Hour

Two Hours

One Day4

Number of Looks / Outfits

One or Two

At least Two


Complete Set of Photos5

Web Resolution Images

High Resolution Images

High Resolution Images

Retouched Images6




Additional Retouched Images

$50 each

$35 each

$35 each

On-Line Photo Gallery8

Pre-Shoot Consultation


$325+ tax

$475 + tax

$750 + tax9

Group/Multiple Pricing: if you’re interested in booking multiple headshots for a business, please contact me for prices


• Professional Makeup Artist: $150 (headshots), $250 (Comp Card). Paid directly to The Artist.

• Basic retouching is included (see above). Fancy-schmancy retouching: $75/hr10

• I can set up a studio at your business, theater, etc. for $100 plus travel expenses (or a little more outside Manhattan).


• Returning Clients: save $50 ($25 for Basic Package)

• BFFs: book on the same day as your best friend,11 and you each save $50 ($25 for Basic Package)

• Identical Twins: second twin is half price

The Fine Print (printed large for your protection):

1 Technically you don’t need to be a corporate executive. I’ll shoot doctors, chefs, consultants, middle management, associates, and even politicos.

2 Is that dramatic Law & Order shot not getting you the comedic roles you want? Maybe the leather and goatee in your current shot is keeping you from being cast as Mr. Nice Guy (and forget about Mrs. Nice Gal). Spend an hour with me, and we’ll get just the look you’ve been dreaming about.

3 We both want the best results, so I don’t run a stopwatch. I do my best to schedule my shoots to provide for a little extra time if we need at no extra charge. Just don’t bring your sleeping bag.

4 To get all the shots we need, you should plan for your comp card shoot to last up to 6 hours or more if necessary. But no matter what, we stop when your eyes start to droop. Or worse, when mine start to droop. I can’t focus with my eyes shut.

5 Photos are provided through email and digital downloads. Want them on a DVD? It’s just $15 plus tax and S&H.

6 Unless you’re younger than 16, blessed with perfect skin and use more hairspray than the entire Channel 4 News Team, chances are your pictures could use some simple and free retouching of the skin, hair, and eye area.

7 For those keeping count at home, that’s one picture for the front of the comp card and four for the back.

8 Share your online gallery with your friends, family, agents, and managers. And then you can ignore their advice about which ones you should use. It’s your career after all, not theirs.

9 Add a second 3-hour comp card session for a whole different look and/or new locations: $350.

10 Photoshop is magical in the right hands (i.e., my hands). And yes, if you want me to, I’ll make you look 20 pounds lighter and I’ll bleach your teeth for much less than it’ll cost at the dentist. But when you go into an audition, you should look like your headshot, so I wouldn’t recommend it.

11 Proof that he or she is your Best Friend is not required.