This securities brokerage executive nailed her headshot in under fifteen minutes. Don’t fret — this is TRULY an anomaly. As the headshot photographer, I prepare the lighting and the space before clients arrive.

From the get-go, she was confident, relaxed, and someone who clearly is comfortable in her own skin.  She hit her mark, we did a test shot or two, she turned this way, then that way, and we were done.


Is this the norm? Absolutely not, so don’t stress. In fact, it’s a flat-out rarity. 

We generally recommend a minimum of thirty minutes for an executive headshot session. And if you’re an actor or want multiple looks, schedule an hour or two to allow for wardrobe changes and/or multiple settings. You want enough time to relax into the situation and to remember you’re facing not a judgmental camera but a human photographer (me!) who understands jitters and insecurities and still manages to find and capture that wonderful person that is you. 

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