Have you been contemplating getting a corporate headshot but haven’t pulled the trigger? Do you have a headshot that doesn’t look like you any more? Did you take your current headshot while you were in your current position and company? Then it’s time to schedule your photo shoot.  Not convinced?  Let’s take a deeper dive into what a headshot can do for you.

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Why get a corporate headshot?

A great corporate headshot puts a face on your business and provides a human connection. It can telegraph what you and your business stand for.  And believe it or not, your headshot can help give you a competitive edge. Which, as you know, is critical in a market like NYC. As one of New York’s leading headshot photographers, we’ll make sure your headshots are professional, polished and represent you well.    

Whether you’re a Fortune 500 company or a solo-preneur, your clients want to know you have what it takes to help them succeed. We’ll make sure that your headshot helps prospects and clients form a positive opinion of you and your business at first look.

Where to use your corporate headshot

Look around. Where do you see headshots being used? Company websites, LinkedIn, speaker bios, annual reports, networking groups, marketing materials, business cards, press releases. And, for you, of course, all those “Best of” rankings!

Where you in particular use your headshot really depends on your role. Are you a spokesperson, a transit worker, the CEO, a tech specialist, in sales? Do you teach? Mentor? Serve on speaker panels? Run meetings, either in person or virtually? Do you have a website? Are you on a team? Are you client-facing? Making your mark in the backroom?

When you call to book your corporate headshot session, we’ll walk through how and where you want to use your headshot. That will help guide us. With a good understanding of your goals, we can help you really nail a great headshot.

Contact us today to schedule your headshot session. We can shoot in my Chelsea studio, at your offices, outside on the NYC streets or at one of New York City’s many iconic locations. Want to learn more about how to get a great headshot? Check out our Guide to Great Headshots.

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