Why get environmental portraits? Because environmental photos maintain the focus on the subject while telegraphing a snippet of a bigger business story or personal angle. If our clients want to convey a more faceted view of themselves, we recommend environmental portraits. And often we’ll do a mix of headshots and environmental photos during the same photo shoot. 

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Where to Use Environmental Portraits

Corporations, non-profits, and schools engage us to shoot environmental photos for marketing. Annual reports, fundraising materials, newsletters and websites are all great vehicles. Because they’re so illustrative, environmental portraits are also fitting for press features. And they’re not just limited to corporate use. Performers, authors and artists come to us for publicity photos to promote performances, launches, and new releases.  

What Do We Mean by Environmental?

The term sounds fancier than it is. These aren’t portraits that are going to slow climate change (we wish they were!). No, these are portraits set in an environment that helps tell the subject’s story. For instance, we shot a moving crew in front of one of the company’s moving vans. And we photographed a CEO striding out of corporate headquarters. We helped a band (pictured in the gallery) convey a sense of their music and ethos on a NYC rooftop.

By including the environment, the story expands. It’s not only about the person, but what they do or where they do it. For an author’s publicity tour, we photographed her in front of her bookshelves at home. We headed out to the streets with a real estate client in the same neighborhood they make their deals. For an advertising agency, we showed the bustling environment behind the employee.

Ready for your environmental portraits?

You get the drift.  Are you ready to plan your environmental portraits?  Give us a shout! We’re here for you.


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