Head(shot) & shoulders above the crowd

When you’re a musician, your headshot can be a little more creative (and the venues are slightly more entertaining than my studio). I had a good time shooting these artists:

c33-Dave Wilson of Miss Ohio.jpg

Pictured: Dave Wilson, lead singer & guitar for the band Miss Ohio, playing at Arlene’s Grocery in NYC last week.

Mary J Blige.jpg

Pictured: R&B singer-songwriter Mary J. Blige

Andrew Vladeck.jpg

Pictured: Andrew Vladeck, folk artist and member of rock band The Honey Brothers.

Adrian Grenier.jpg

Pictured: Adrian Grenier, actor and percussionist/vocalist for rock band The Honey Brothers.

Darfur Rock.jpg

Pictured: Mic Crenshaw, rapper & activist.

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