Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, our friends at The Harris Residential Team are growing! They’ve added several new real estate agents and a new chief operating officer to work with team founder Scott Harris. Goooo, HRT! Hence, they wanted a new corporate team portrait.

The dilemma: Can a corporate team portrait be safely photographed?

Given the new faces, they set out to update their website. They wanted headshots (easy peezy) and a corporate team portrait (a little tougher in these socially distanced times).  Can Deutsch Photography, they asked, take on that job? And, most important, can we do it safely?

The answer: Yes!

Our answer was a resounding yes.

We came up with a few options, and after a couple of Zoom conferences, everyone agreed with our recommendation. Onward!

And here’s how:

On the day of the shoot, we photographed team members individually in a few different scenes. Everyone we weren’t actively photographing wore a mask, as did we. All of us maintained social distance throughout the shoot. 

A couple of more little tricks:  we shot from a tripod to avoid any perspective shift, and we relied on studio lights rather than natural lighting so that everyone was lit consistently.

Then we created composite photographs in post-production. 

The results

Voilà, picture perfect corporate team portraits (and we got some killer new headshots, too)!  We conducted the photo shoot safely indoors and outdoors, and no one had to wear a mask while being photographed. The results speak for themselves, and The Harris Residential Team are very happy. Check out their website for the team portrait and new headshots.

And check out our video for our process:

Are you ready for your team portrait or headshot? Call or email us today. We will do it with an absolute commitment to your safety.

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